Mountain Meadow

Resource Engineering Group was founded by Principal Engineer Dave Houghton after a decade of working in the building science and energy efficiency field. Our company is the antithesis of “business as usual” in a field that has been overdue for fresh perspectives. Instead of oversizing mechanical and structural systems “just in case,” REG rightsizes for better operating efficiency and reduced owner capital cost. Instead of bigger pumps, we use bigger pipes for lower lifetime operating costs. Instead of three-stud corners and 16-inch rafter spacing, we use two-stud corners and 24-inch spacing. Instead of saying “you can’t do that because we’ve never done it before,” we say, “yes we can.” We were among the first engineers of record to promote and design underfloor air systems, dedicated outside air systems, ground-source heat pumps, radiant cooling, night-sky radiation, and passive cooling towers.

We believe in passive solar.
We believe that architects can be our partners in creating exceptional, beautiful, and energy efficient spaces.
We believe in the 2030 Challenge—and we’ll help you meet it.
We believe in a sustainable future.