Of course our engineers are well educated and heavily qualified. But mostly, our staff is chosen for their unconventional intelligence, communication ability, and positive attitude. (If this describes you, and you want to join us, give us a call!)

August Hasz P.E., President and Principal Engineer

August Hasz

August has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the company, including mechanical system design, structural engineering, energy auditing, commissioning for new and existing buildings, building simulation, and solar energy analysis. August’s engineering mastery, creative attitude, and innate sense for completing complex projects on time and budget have allowed him to compile an impressive track record of successful projects at REG over the course of more than a decade. His project experience includes passive heating and cooling strategies, active solar thermal and solar electric systems, ground source heat pumps, and radiant cooling systems. His past experience includes fundamental research into glass and ceramic materials, water pump design, and water and wastewater plant operation. August also manages REG’s staffing, project scheduling and budgeting, risk management and multi-discipline project delivery.
August earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Glass Engineering Science from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, with honors. He is LEED accredited, NCEES registered, and a member of ASHRAE. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Wyoming.

Dodson Harper P.E. S.E., Principal Engineer

Dodson Harper

Dodson Harper leads the Structural Engineering Department at Resource Engineering Group. His responsibilities include structural design, design review, forensic analysis, and construction assistance. His project experience includes residential, commercial, and institutional spaces for both new construction and remodels. In addition to designing with conventional steel, wood, and concrete systems, Dodson is a recognized expert in alternative building systems such as straw bale and clay-straw techniques. His extensive contracting and framing experience is invaluable when construction problems need to be solved. Dodson also manages staffing, project control (schedule and budget), risk management, hardware/software acquisition and maintenance, and in-house training for REG.
Dodson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Honors from Westminster College in Fulton Missouri, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Honors from Colorado State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado and Idaho and a registered Structural Engineer in Utah.

Ben Preston P.E., Senior Project Engineer

Ben Preston

Ben Preston provides mechanical system design, building commissioning, and computer modeling for commercial and residential buildings. He is experienced with sophisticated software—including DOE-2/eQuest, Energy Plus, Energy-10, and CHVAC—for building simulation, zone load calculations, and indoor and outdoor pools. Ben has successfully guided many buildings through the mechanical and energy portions of the LEED certification process. His field experience includes assessment of existing mechanical systems in historical facilities and high-energy use structures. His commissioning assignments have included multi-pool resort systems, a modern law enforcement center, a historic auditorium, and a conference center. Ben is particularly skilled at diagnosing complex controls problems and extracting the meaning from real-world building data.
Ben earned a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors from the University of Washington, Seattle. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado and California.

Zack Gustafson P.E., Project Engineer

Zack Gustafson

Zack Gustafson is an engineer with a unique background and a deep knowledge base of all things mechanical. His ability to puzzle through difficult problems makes him an invaluable contributor to complicated building projects, often by finding elusive but simple solutions. In addition to being a capable and clever system designer, he provides building simulation, energy auditing, and commissioning services. In his previous work as an acoustical engineer, Zack developed consumer products including microphone and audio systems and was named on four patents. Part of Zack’s practical knowledge of mechanical systems comes from his experience as Facility Manager of a remote lodge with 15 buildings. His skills also include engine repair, bicycle and motorcycle construction, data/wifi/phone systems, off-grid living, and other assorted wizardry.
Zack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Calvin College in Michigan. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado.

Steven Shea P.E., Project Engineer

Steven Shea

Steven Shea designs and analyzes mechanical systems for all types of new and existing buildings. His experience includes high-efficiency boiler retrofits, ground-source heat pumps, large heat-recovery ventilation systems, solar thermal integration, and three-dimensional layout of complex mechanical rooms. He has completed projects as diverse as straw-bale and clay-straw construction, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, off-the-grid projects, a warehouse/food processing facility, and an indoor shooting range. Steven’s easygoing approach and practical problem-solving abilities are an asset to any project.
Steven earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Colorado with minors in math and physics. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado.

Kris Bruun E.I.T., Project Engineer

Kris Bruun

Kris Bruun’s background in fluid mechanics, water system analysis, wastewater treatment, and sustainable development all inform his work at REG, where he designs mechanical and plumbing systems for residential and commercial projects. Previously, his work included hydrologic field studies, open channel weir design, rural water treatment system design and installation, and the development of constructed wetlands. Kris is active in projects that combine engineering skills with social needs, including Engineers Without Borders, and has a well-worn passport.
Kris earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the Colorado State University.

Garrett McCaffety, E.I.T

Garrett McCaffety

Garrett McCaffety’s engineering background includes civil engineering and project management, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable design. His previous experience includes development of an intelligent fiber optic network for the City of Charlotte, N.C., improving urban traffic congestion through signal data sharing and remote monitoring, and a unique farm-to-market roadway conversion project with a multi-lane roundabout that improved pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle safety. His ability to efficiently solve problems has made him a valuable asset to REG’s clients. His responsibilities include load calculations, mechanical system design, energy analysis, computerized building simulation with Energy Plus, 3D modeling, and Title 24 code compliance with Energy Pro.
Garrett holds a BS in Civil Engineering with a minor in Business Management from North Carolina State University. He is a LEED Green Associate, a NCEES-registered Engineer-in-Training, and a member of Engineers Without Borders.

Jared Marchand, E.I.T

Jared Marchand

Jared’s engineering experience includes environmental, structural and electrical design and project management. As a renewable energy systems specialist, he designed, managed and installed a variety of photovoltaic (PV) systems including residential grid-tied, off-grid battery back-up, commercial power purchase agreement, and megawatt-scale utility solar gardens. Jared’s PV experience has been earned in harsh mountain environments, where systems must comply with NEC, IBC and IFC standards for roof mount, roof ballast, pole mount, ground-mount and ground-ballast designs. His structural experience includes masonry, steel, concrete, and wood design as well as LEED certification and carbon fiber reinforcement applications. Jared’s diverse background of engineering, management and construction experience provides a strong platform to envision the building as a whole when designing for maximum efficiency.
Jared earned a BS degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Delaware and is a NABCEP certified PV system installer.

Heather Kelley, Office Manager

Heather Kelley

Heather handles REG’s day-to-day essentials, including bookkeeping, payroll, receivables, payables, contract administration, travel and phone plans, PE registration, continuing education, and the other behind-the-scenes activities that make sure that the rest of us actually have jobs. In addition to being a whiz with financial software, the main tools of her trade are her quick wit and endless patience.

David Houghton P.E., Consultant

Dave Houghton

In 1997, Dave founded REG to bring efficiency, sustainability, and simplicity to building engineering. The company has since grown to nine engineers, registration in over a dozen states, and projects spread across North America, with a focus on engineering excellence, innovative thinking, and clear communication. Under Dave’s direction, REG was consulting engineer or engineer-of-record for over four hundred building projects including multi-family and multi-house developments, large and small commercial spaces, schools, auditoriums, hospitals, and resorts. He is the author of dozens of technical papers and journal articles, and co-author of comprehensive books on energy efficiency in buildings. In addition to consulting with REG on building projects, Dave provides energy-related consulting to clients including utility companies, property portfolio managers, and national organizations pursuing energy efficiency.
Formerly with E SOURCE and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Energy Program, his work has included co-authorship of comprehensive books on HVAC and lighting efficiency opportunities, and reports on topics ranging from liquid flow meters to underfloor ventilation systems. Previously, he directed the cost estimation and conceptual design of large rail transit projects at ICF Kaiser Engineers.
Dave received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with Honors from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a member of ASHRAE, an Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certified Energy Manager, and is a licensed professional engineer in California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Dave formerly served on the Gunnison County Planning Commission, the Board of Directors of Gunnison County Electric Association (an electric distribution utility) the Board of Directors of Paradigm Services LLC (an energy services company), and the Board of Directors of the Office for Resource Efficiency (a local non-profit). Dave is a licensed private pilot with over twenty years of flying experience.