Emerging Technology Summit, Pasadena CA

The 2012 Emerging Technology Summit conference was held in Pasadena last October. ET Summit is an every-other-year conference hosted by the ETCC, a group of California utilities and associated organizations. This was a good conference, and in reading through the notes, the information still seems reasonably fresh. Key points:

  • Energy Efficiency is getting tougher in a mature market that has picked a lot of the low- and medium-hanging fruit. We need emerging technology—and more complete integration—to propel us to the next level. 
  • Human behavior—how we interact with energy technology—is getting a lot of attention. Behavioral programs such as competitions, social media campaigns, and motivational bill content can create savings at low cost, but it can be tricky to get the message right. 
  • LEDs are taking over the lighting world, but the road has a few bumps. A lot of work is going on to standardize LED performance metrics, including the development of at least nine voluntary and three mandatory specifications.
  • Zhaga, an effort to create a open-source palette of LED light engines for future interchangeability, is gaining traction.
  • Home builders are experimenting with zero-energy construction and finding that it’s not too hard to do, but there is a learning curve in the marketing of these products.

pasadena pic


My writeup process stalled out over the holidays, but I just finished it off, so here is a belated offer to see the notes: ET Summit 2012 .