REG Engineers Homes for Uganda

REG engineers recently created a new chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) here in Crested Butte. The effort was led by REG Project Engineer Kris Bruun, who has already worked on several international projects, including a long stint in El Salvador. EWB-USA is an amazing organization started by a CU Boulder engineering professor. Here is their vision statement.

A related REG project—although not an official EWB one— is a home design that will be used as a template for ten or more new homes in Fort Portal, Uganda. The homes will be built with machine-compressed blocks of earth, using equipment from Dwell Earth. REG evaluated the structural integrity of the design for seismic and wind forces, and created drawings that will be used on site by villagers and volunteers. (The photo shown here is not the engineered building, but what will be replaced by it.)