REG President: August Hasz

Back in the last century, a young man named August Hasz knocked on REG’s door. I opened the door—I was the entire company back then! August wanted a chance to apply his engineering education after a few years of bouncing around in our little ski town. I found some work for him to do, and he picked it up quick. Since then, his capabilities, judgement, and experience have grown steadily. Over the course of twelve years, August went from a valued employee, to a trusted business partner, to majority owner of REG. On January 1, 2013, August became President of Resource Engineering Group.

On a recent drive to a design meeting in Aspen, August and I had time to reflect on our partnership. We both feel very lucky to have had such a good ride in this business. He’s been able to absorb my efficiency-centered philosophy about building systems. I’ve benefited from his excellent work on some of our marquis projects, and in many ways he has surpassed me in technical skill. Together we’ve been able to accomplish far more than either of us might have alone. Along the way, we’ve shared company ski trips, mountain bike rides, and more than a couple of bottles of bourbon. We’ve had differences of opinion on how best to run ducts through a space, but neither of us could remember a single real disagreement about business, or about life.

For my part, I am still very involved in REG, with a significant ownership stake and a new title: Vice-President and Founder. I will remain so for the foreseeable future. As I have shared with many of you in other emails or personal discussions, I am directing my energies toward some of the larger issues facing our energy future. This includes working on strategic planning, utility issues, energy codes and standards, zero-energy buildings, and so on. August and I—and REG Principal Dodson Harper, our newest business partner—believe that this work is consistent with and complementary to our busy engineering practice. We look forward to exciting projects in both realms. 

In the meantime, congratulations to August Hasz for rising from the mailroom (if we had one) to the leadership of REG.

—Dave Houghton, Crested Butte Colorado, March 2013