project commissioning

Commissioning is the process of making sure things work like they are supposed to. REG’s substantial commissioning experience has turned up just about every conceivable building operation issue, including backward-running fans, failed sensors, broken damper actuators, missing control wires, variable-speed pumps running continuously at full speed, and so on. Modern buildings are complicated beasts, and they need to be checked and rechecked to make sure they are operating properly.

REG’s commissioning work is informed by our focus on energy efficiency and our long history of designing systems with alternative approaches and advanced control strategies. We have strong relationships with HVAC and controls vendors and installers, and we’ve logged enough time in mechanical rooms and crawlspaces to have seen everything from old pneumatics to the latest GUI DDC interfaces. Our team can also help improve an existing building’s performance through the process known as retro-commissioning (for a building that hasn’t been touched in awhile) or re-commissioning (for a building that was recently constructed but still isn’t running right).