Existing Buildings

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Resource Engineering Group helps reduce the energy consumption and cost of operation for existing buildings. Our services include:

  • Energy Audits. REG performs a detailed site investigation to catalog the existing HVAC and building envelope systems and the condition of these systems. To assist in building envelope investigations we use thermal imaging to locate poor insulation and air leakage. We then prepare a detailed report with prioritized recommendations for building system upgrades, considering factors such as energy modeling results, projected installation cost, life cycle cost analysis, thermal comfort issues, indoor air issues and operational concerns. We tailor each report to the building Owner’s needs.
  • HVAC system retrofit design. REG has extensive experience designing and detailing retrofits of existing systems, including measures such as heat pump conversion, addition of solar thermal heating, boiler upgrades, and simplifications that lead to more reliable operation.
  • Re-Commissioning. Unfortunately, most HVAC systems operating today have problems such as improper control system programming, manually locked outdoor air dampers, and other “temporary fixes” that have become permanent fixtures. Re-commissioning existing systems usually provides significant energy savings while improving comfort and indoor air quality.
  • Renewable energy system integration. Many existing buildings can benefit from the addition of solar hot water and/or solar electric systems. Some sites also have the potential for micro-hydro electric or wind generation. REG performs a feasibility study of site resources, then works with the building owner to accurately size a renewable generation system and integrate it into existing systems.
  • Structural Evaluation. REG evaluates building structural conditions for a variety of reasons including fire damage, water damage, forensic investigation, and historic preservation.
  • Electrical Evaluation. We have substantial experience reviewing and updating old electrical systems for code compliance and safety.
  • Thermal Imaging and Envelope Evaluation. Our IR camera equipment allows us to quickly “see” inside walls and roofs to determine if insulation has been properly installed, or if envelope air leaks exist.