Lectures and Education

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Providing education about efficient building design is a key part of our mission. REG’s Engineers are experienced presenters on a wide variety of engineering-related topics, and are available for formal presentations or educational work sessions at your classroom, office or conference. We bring complex concepts down to earth, explain the energy and environmental impacts of building systems, and do it in a clear and engaging format. We can cover specific material to suit your needs, or discuss some of the “greatest hits” drawn from our extensive engineering experience.

Some of our past presentation topics include:

  • HVAC design for Super-Efficient Homes
  • Cold Climate Construction: Envelope Considerations and Heating System Design
  • Load Reduction: Best Practices for insulation, glazing, infiltration, and moisture control
  • Geothermal/Geo-Exchange/Ground Source Heat Pumps—How Do They Work and Where Do They Make Sense?
  • Solar Design: Passive, Active, and Hybrid Storage Options
  • Straw-bale construction
  • Design for Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Energy Star Contractor Training
  • Radiant Cooling and Radiant Night-Sky Heat Rejection